Monday, May 23, 2011

Focusing on the silver lining for a day

So today started out really rough for me.  It just was not going well, and I had several melt down moments through out for awhile.  But I finally decided it was time to get out and make it better...and after some work refocusing, I had several things pop out as making the day not so bad, and here they are.

First, I went to go shopping for my military ball dress and the first two dresses I put on fit me like a glove, and I actually felt beautiful in them.  Haven't really had that feeling in quite some time, and it felt amazing.

Next, while trying on all those dresses, at one point, I looked down and realized that I could see my feet.  Standing straight up, I could look down and see my feet.  Now I know how pitiful this sounds, but since Sarah, I have no been able to do this.  The massive stomach I have been fighting has prevented me this little pleasure, and when I realized that I could see those little toes without trying once again, I almost had to cry.  It feels good.

Then, we walked around the mall for three hours.  Two things stood out, first, I wore a pair of flat flip flops and didn't have a bit of arch pain or lower back pain.  I haven't been able to wear plain flip flops to walk in in two years because of pain from my arches.  I guess it was just all the extra weight I was carrying around.  The second thing was my kids were perfect little angels the entire three hours!  We got them involved in looking for dresses for Mommy, and we were able to get them to stay in their stroller, happy, for the whole trip.  I was so proud of them, and so thankful that they gave me that time to just enjoy being out and enjoy being with them!

So then I was able to buy a dress that I loved for the ball, and was lucky enough to find it under budget!  Most of you probably don't understand why that is such a big deal, but trust me, it is.

Then, I text a picture to my DH to see if he likes it, and his response literally made me cry.  He said " look gorgeous in that."  I can't remember the last time he called me gorgeous.  Not in a mean way, I just haven't been able to take his breath away for a couple years now.  That one thing alone would have made my day.

And then, I get home to find that the pictures I ordered to put together photo albums for the kids had come, so when I put them to bed, I got to look through the pictures with them.  Their faces lit up, and Zach flipped through each page talking about each picture.  "Daddy is cuddling with me.  We are playing in the snow!  Daddy and me are riding the train!"  And Sarah just kept turning pages saying in her sweet voice, "My Daddy!"  So precious.

So yeah.  Tonight just seemed like a good time to focus on the things that made me smile in what started out as such a horrible day.  Thanks for humoring me.  :)

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